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AngelWatch Accredited Center

Being an AngelWatch Accredited Center makes us the Safest Center in Morris County

AngelWatch Accredited Center

To our Parents. You have more Peace of Mind to be able to check on your children with just a simple touch of your smart device or computer.

AngelWatch understands and knows what it is like for a parent to leave their children when it’s time get back to their careers. Even when leaving them in the hands of trusted professionals, parents still wish there was another option to make sure that they are safe and bring them comfort to check on them at any moment of the day and now you can make that a reality.

There is no more wondering on how they are doing and when you are having separation anxiety and decide to call, email or text your center, now you don’t have to.

With AngelWatch Services & Systems, Parents know what is going on within the Center at all times. It will allow parents to Check in on their children for 60 second time frames in full HD or whenever they would like (24/7).

One of the features is the computer system captures 60 frames per second at 1080 HD or 4000 HD capabilities. Each minicomputer works as its own separate unit you only see your child in that child's room. This system will automatically sign you out if you leave the system on for your child’s privacy.

The system is a Triple Encrypted Coded System, meaning it is the same system that is used in banks around the world. Our System is on a protected network that only the parent can see through on a porthole on our protected servers, network and APP. Parents can check in on their children laugh and play as much as they would like or need. Parents can see and capture moments that they would normally miss and just hear about from us, your provider.

The system is also clouded so you can go back at your leisure to see your child's day and see moments that you would normally not see like their first steps, a birthday celebration and holiday celebrations.

There is no Main feed of video or audio that can be hacked such as CCTV or webcam systems. There are many fail safe steps to ensure your child’s Safety.

AngelWatch knows in a time of crisis or of an emergency that seconds can make a difference between life and death.

AngelWatch has now made it possible that in case of any emergency that all emergency services will have instant access to your Child.

Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Technicians will now be able to assess a situation before getting to the emergency.

Safety is AngelWatch’s and Greatstart's #1 Priority

In today’s society people are concerned with safety now more than ever, for themselves and for their family. AngelWatch will give you the knowledge on how to handle any emergency

All of our Procedural & Security plans are more in depth than any state required plans.

  • All our staff are CPR and First-Aid certified
  • MAT Certification / Medication Administration Training
  • Advanced Emergency procedures
  • Active shooter
  • Bomb threats
  • Parent/child abductions
  • Fire evacuation procedures & Equipment
  • Lockdown procedures & Equipment
  • Security evaluation
  • Threat assessment
  • Full Security plans for any situation

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