A Few Kind Words From Some Of The Most Important Experts On The Greatstart Experience: OUR PARENTS

Proud and Happy

" My son Arden started when he was 11 month old and graduated from kindergarten on June 2015, We are so proud and happy the way he developed his knowledge and skills. He learned a lot and I was amazed knowing he was ready for 1st grade at age of 5. For years Greatstart has been part of our life, always a family atmosphere and caring teachers. Arden loves going to school and he enjoyed every summer camp. Thank you Ms. Latifah and we wish you a happy birthday. We would also like to thank all the awesome teachers and assistant teachers, Ms. Janice and the owners Peter and Johanna. Thank you so much for all the love and caring you gave for my son. I'm sure he misses everyone and he will be back for summer camp.

Thanks and God Bless!"

- Aris, Dad - Woodbridge, NJ

Truly A Great Start For The Rest Of Their Academic Life

"I had 2 daughters who went to Greatstart for 4 years. My girls enjoyed their experience. They loved all their teachers including Ms. Janice. They were excited to go because they learned and had fun with their friends.

The staff cared for them as if they were their own. All teachers were kind, nurturing, and patient. My girls never had a complaint about their time there. Ms Latifah, the last teacher my daughter had, made quite the impact on my daughter. She would talk about her all the time. She would tell us how kind, caring, and thoughful she was. She looked forward to the things Ms. Latifah would teach her.

The girls will surely miss Greatstart. It truly was a great start for the rest of their academic life. Thank you!!"

- Mala R, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ


"They don't do anything ordinary. It always has to be extraordinary!"

- Michelle, Mom - Edison, NJ

Taking Care of Kids As Their Own

"Our son Kavin started in Greatstart last year when he was 4 years old. I'm so happy that he goes to school happily and above all last week we had his KG interview and I was amazed by his boldness and the ways he answered alphabets, numbers, colors and shapes. Perfect coloring and writing skills are mastered from Greatstart.

I'm thankful to Miss Latifah, Miss Gail, Miss Nani, Miss Janice. I like all the staffs there and the way they work/interact with children.

We have started our little one Nila (2years old) few days back. And I love the way Miss Brooke/Miss Fatema describes the childs day at school. Still my little one is crying and trying to adjust to school but I'm very happy and not much worried as she is in better hands.

During this teacher appreciation week, I would like to thank all the staffs at Greatstart for taking taking care of the kids as their own."

- Pratheepa Kumaran, Mom - Edison, NJ

Glad I Made The Change

"... My two children have been attending Greatstart for 6 months now, and I visit my younger son there twice during the day. I feel this gives me a pretty good window into what goes on. Previously I spent three years using another child care center. When comparing the two centers, I find that, despite my former child care center being significantly more expensive, the teachers at Greatstart pay more attention to the children and do a better job of keeping their day fun and activity-filled. On numerous occasions during the past 6 months I have marveled at the differences between the two centers, and I remain glad that I made the change."

- Christie, Mom - Dunellen, NJ

I Feel Right At Home

"I normally don't care much for writing reviews, but..., I felt I needed to truly give Greatstart Early Learning Center of South Plainfield the review they truly deserve.

I am a parent of a 5 month old infant currently attending Greatstart, and I have nothing but positive reviews for the teachers there, as well as the director and owner. I remember my first day dropping off my son at the daycare was not easy at all, and it had nothing to do with the school or the staff there. It was due to separation anxiety on my part.

I had visited quite a few daycare centers before I scheduled a tour with Ms. Janice at Greatstart, and I truly did not care for any of them. The moment I visited Greatstart, and was introduced to Ms. Terry and Ms. Brittany from the infant room, I already felt my son would be in good hands. The kids-teacher ratio was great, and both teachers were on the floor playing with the kids, and were very attentive to them.

My son now has been going to Greatstart for over 2 months now, and every morning when I drop him off, he has this huge smile on his face when he sees Ms. Terry. This is confirmation that my son is being treated well and with great care and attention.

... Unlike other moms with (unreasonable requests), I hope the teachers (at any school), would not give my 15 month old a real cell phone to play with! I want my child to be cared for, but also to learn and to be disciplined, which means as a parent, I am well aware that any outlandish requests I may have should not be complied to. I don't want my child to grow up to be selfish and spoiled. If he's in school, then he should follow the school's rules and guidelines. I'm certainly not expecting his teachers to drop everything they're doing to attend to my son's first cry, nor interact with or disrupting other kids while they're on their nap time schedule.

I honestly can't have enough great things to say about Greatstart. I'm happy to know I've made the right decision enrolling my son here. I have met most of the teachers there, if not all...from Ms. Amy to Ms. Gayle, Ms. Jenna, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Fatema...and they are all wonderful and very nurturing. Another great thing I love about this place is their open door policy, which allows me to visit my son every afternoon on my lunch time. I feel right at home with this school, and so does my son!"

- Quynh T., Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

I Wouldn't Choose Any Other School

"I recently brought my son to his Kindergarten assessment at the public school and the 1st thing the teacher asked me was what school he went to! I Immediately told her Greatstart! She was so impressed at how much he knew and how smart he was. She will definitely pass along the recommendation. Miss Gail was wonderful and Miss Latifah is amazing! I highly recommend this family oriented and affordable school to anyone!

The staff has greatly endured alot of learning an behavioral issues with my son. They have been very patient and accommodating to transitioning my son to a strict and structured environment and transitioning him to a new baby / brother in his life. They are great with the separation when dropping him off in the morning!! They have truly been a godsend in disguise. I have interviewed and met with over 30 different schools within Middlesex/ Somerset county and I wouldn't choose any other school! I have truly gained a relationship with all of the the owners, teachers, directors, and aids that I would actually call them family at this point.! My other 2 sons will definitely attend once my older son is in Kindergarten."

- Meagan H., Mom - Piscataway, NJ

The Curriculum Is Well Advanced

"My kids Joel aged 5 and Jane 3 started coming here in Greatstart when they were 3 and 1 yrs old. They love going to the school. My son in Ms. Latifah's class, and daughter in Ms.Gail's class; enjoys all activities done over there. They get turns in being the line leader, mail box leader, calendar leader which builds their leadership and interaction skills. Ms Latifah spends extra time for kids to help them if they are weak in Math or reading skills. They also have 'Show and Tell' every Friday that helps kids to explore new things.

The kindergarten curriculum is well advanced. My kids love all the project works, writing journals, paintings, summer trips, library books, movies, doing homework. Of all the day cares I have sent my kids to, I like Greatstart the most.It's neat and clean and well-maintained. Ms. Amy, Ms.Jenna, Ms.Brooke, Ms.Brittany T. and above all Ms.Janice, the director is great with kids and help them in building their skills."

- JP P., Mom - Piscataway, NJ

Treated Him No Differently

"It s very hard for a parent to accept that their child has special needs, and that's where I admire the staff. When I enrolled my son, he had some challenges talking and interacting, but he is very smart. Ms. Fatima and Ms. Brook were very patient with him. At some point, some of his symptoms started to show more, and they worked with me to understand that an evaluation will help to determine if he needed a special program. They didn't just tell me that there was something wrong with him and gave up. Even when the evaluator was already there, they continued working with him, patiently and giving him love and attention. They never made him feel like he was different. I know he'll get good care at the new school, but the love I felt from everyone here, including from the owners, made it hard for me to go. I love you all. Thank you so much for everything."

- Christine, Mom - South Plainfield, NJ

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