A Few Kind Words From Some Of The Most Important Experts On The Greatstart Experience: OUR PARENTS

Missing You Already

"I would give 10 starts to this center if I can. They are teh BEST and choosing Stepping Stones for my child's first school/daycare, is one of hte best things we'd have done to our son and ourselves! My son started off here at 15 months in the baby room with Ms. Amy and moved on to the toddlers room with Ms. Fatema, Ms. Julie, Ms. Vennie and Ms. Brianne. Ms. Amy is a wonderful teacher and took such good care of him and every baby in the room. She is very patient, listens to our concerns and tries to work with you the parent and the baby so eventually the baby is kept as happy & comfortable as possible which is what every parent will be concerned about.

His transition to the toddler room was also made pretty smooth. Ms. Janice, the director ensured that the kids transitioning from the baby room spent quality time in the toddlers room for some activity or the other so when they came here full time, it was not a totally new environment. In spite of it, my son did have his initial warm up days that were not as smooth, but the teachers eventually made it happen and now he just doesn’t want to come back in the evenings with me! Lol!

They were extremely supportive with potty training too and I owe the toddler room teachers (Ms. Julie & Ms. Fatima) big time if my son got potty trained so quick (within a month and a half, he’s only 2 yrs old). I used to call them once everyday to find out how he did, how he ate etc. so I can deal with him accordingly when I pick him up. I must say they were pretty patient and gave me these updates with so much involvement.

The best thing I liked about the center is they try to be as accommodating as they can at the same time ensuring they don’t compromise on their policies or safety regulations. And though I’ve spoken only about the baby room and toddler room teachers here, the teachers from the other class rooms are also always eager to help and be supportive. I’ve experienced it during several instances.

I feel so bad I had to remove my child from here as we moved out of the area. He’s going to a different place for the past few days now but can’t stop talking about his s teachers from Stepping Stones, Ms. Julie in particular. He learnt so much here and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. I wish we did not have to move and our son could have continued further in this center. I hope they get the web viewing camera feature soon, that’s something I missed during those initial days when my son just started at the daycare. Anyways, over the months I learnt my child is 100% safe and happy at this center and that’s what matters! I’d recommend this center any day to all my friends looking for a good daycare facility for their kids!"

- Kim, Mom - Orlando, FL

Mary With Twins

"I had planned on putting my twin girls in day care/pre-school starting Sept'11. Unfortunately, my babysitter relocated and I didn't have time to look around for another sitter. I made a very quick decision in sending my twins to day camp (early July'11- they were a little over 21/2 yrs. olds). Ryann was going pee in the toilet (on & off) at home since late last year but only tried to do number 2 once or twice. Within less than 2 months of summer camp she pees & poos consistently in the toilet. Camryn was pretty much didn't want to go pee in the toilet. She did try a few times late last year at home but stalled. She also did number 2 once or twice in the potty at home but stalled as well. By the 4th week of summer camp she had a huge milestone in the potty. She poos and pees consistently. Needless to say, my twin girls are no longer using pull ups/diapers after 7th week of summer camp. The potty training program in Stepping Stones I'd say is enormously wonderful. It worked for my girls especially with all the new faces for them and being this is their very first daycare/school to attend. They learned their days of the week and months of the year during camp, as well as interactions and following instructions. There is diversity within groups of kids/teachers/staff which is what I look for. I usually stayed 15-20 mins in the morning when I dropped them off and always felt welcome around the staff. I called the school a few times for an update and Ms. Saida gave me full of information that I didn't even have to ask. She was right on target. When I came to pick my girls up Ms. Hamida came up to me right away to give me updates everyday during camp. It was incredibly amazing. I felt very important and was given full attention about my kids. The staff took their time and took care of little requests. Ms. Gail always took notes of parents' instructions/requests who would be the first teacher there in the morning. When my kids were not feeling well, the immediate staff seemed to get informed right away. I was very impressed with that too. Needless to say, it was a great decision to send them to day camp. Many many thanks to all the staff, director, & owners who helped my girls tremendously and for showing warmth and care. My special thanks to Ms. Saida and Ms. Hamida. You made my kids very comfortable with you in so many ways. It was a great Summer Camp experience for me and my twins esp. for helping me accomplished a significant milestone. They still continue to attend Stepping Stones as their first school routine. I left one star to make room for educational program :) which I'm sure will be good during school year. My girls will turn 3 in two months!"

- Mary, Mom - Woodbridge, NJ

Thank You

"We wanted to thank you and all the other teachers for giving Rhea so much love. She has enjoyed her every day at the school and we know we are going to miss her first school always. She has learned a lot. Sometimes she surprises us with the knowledge that she has gained. She has learned more than children of her age in other schools which is just outstanding. We are so proud of her and our decision to put her in Stepping Stones. Once again, thank you so much for everything"

- Bilal, Dad - South Plainfield, NJ

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