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Selecting the Right Preschool For Your Child

Whether you are new to preschool or moving to a new school, we try to ease the process

Finding the right facility for your preschool and/or child care needs can be a very stressful and sometimes daunting activity. But it can also be rewarding for your family once you find the right one as it gives you the peace of mind that your child is learning, growing and having fun.

Preschool facility or In-home care provider?

Cultural diversity, income level, and other factors sometimes play a role in determining this decision. In the end, it's your own personal preference - where you are most comfortable. Some of the key benefits though of selecting a Preschool facility include:

  • Trained early childhood educators with expertise and experience.
  • Approved child care safety and security procedures
  • Early education programs with curriculum, such as our award-winning GR.A.C.E.TM program
  • A clean, safe and healthy environment for children
  • Socialization with peers for your child's communication skills and emotional growth
  • Consistency that builds your child's confidence and provides you with peace of mind
  • Your child gets the attention and support of the entire staff.

Location, value and the quality of care are all important factors in your decision. It is very important to find that center that will care for your child like you would. Here at Greatstart International School, that is part of our core value because our founders/owners are also parents of their own to former preschoolers Alex and Aiden. They know what it feels like to look for that one school that you can entrust your children.

Greatstart International School develop well-rounded children, helping them grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. And we offer additional before and after school services, enrichment programs and summer camps so your child will have even more fun as they grow and learn.

We know that enrolling in or transitioning to a new school environment can be hard, so we've structured your child's first few weeks to ease the process. Our knowledgable and highly trained staff serve as a strong resource for any educational issues. We are your partner and will work with you and your child to communicate, educate and nurture your entire family's needs.

Preschool Comparison Checklist

If you are just beginning to research schools for your child, our preschool comparison checklist (pdf) can help. It lets you compare up to three schools and make the choice that's right for you. Think about how each center nurtures the whole child.