what makes us unique

Learning is making connections between new and existing knowledge, skills and understanding to adapt to our changing world.

At Greatstart International School Manila, you will find:

  • An International Atmosphere - Truly an international school, we promote a culture of international awareness and celebration. Our students receive an authentic international experience within a diverse student community and from educators who have international expertise representing five continents.

  • The Greatstart Academic Curriculum for Excellence (GR.A.C.ETM) - Our interdisciplinary/cross-curricular/ thematic approach to learning provides a superior learning program to our students, enabling them in their early years with the tools to succeed when they enter the K-12 program.

  • Our Students Develop Exceptional Social Skills and Become Confident Participants in Learning - Having an established and superior curriculum is just half of the recipe for success, and unfortunately some schools only focus on the academics. The one major advantage American taught students have are superior social skills, and developing these skills is an integral part of our program, and empowering our students in their early years provides them the highest success rate in the world to later on be accepted into the most prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. As partners in their education with teachers and parents, our students learn how to participate actively in their present and acquire skills for their future.

  • Highly Trained Teachers - Our teachers are highly-skilled in differentiated learning styles, and they instill a love of learning, encourage independent thinking and use a learning-focused approach that ensures your child actively participates in the learning process.

  • Needs of Students Drive Planning and Lessons - In other schools, set programs defined in textbooks and by teachers determine what students learn. Our lessons are planned and presented according to how each student learns individually and as part of a group. Though our curriculum is aligned with institutionalized standards to allow students to easily transition to the K-12 methods, we personalize learning to each child so they understand their own specific learning goals, can articulate them, and recognize the strategies they need to learn best.

  • Performance Above Age Expectations - We set very high expectations and academic standards for our students. Coupled with our engaging curriculum, students are enabled to meet and exceed their potential, performing well beyond expectations for their age. Students in our network of schools have an outstanding track record of success, with public and private first grade programs having the need to tweak their lesson plans repeatedly to provide a more challenging and engaging environment for our graduates who are often telling their teachers that they've already learned what's being taught and would like more.
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