International Student Experience Program

Children inherently mimic others' behaviors as part of their learning tools. We at Greatstart recognize the power of orchestrated imitation to purposefully accelerate the learning process, and our International Student Experience Program effectively helps in the social skills development of your child as they will experience a different culture.

On the average, our American school locations are comprised of families from at least 15 other countries. The focus of this unique program is to gain an early understanding of a true international environment while allowing for students to explore the English language at any ability level. In addition to language classes and enrichment workshops, your child goes on field trips as well. Along the way, we'll have opportunities to engange in cultural exchange.

  • How It Works - Included in your annual tuition, avail of a 2-week immersion program at one of our American locations. Select the location your child will attend the 6 hour/day session. Cost for the enrichment workshops and field trips is also included. The Student Experience Program has been designed to align with the US summer program during the months of July and August to maximize activities focused more on social skills development

  • Can we avail of it anytime? - Though we would prefer it be taken after the school year is done so as not to disrupt regular schooling, we understand family schedules might require parents to travel during the school year. Our GR.A.C.E. program allows for the least disruption as programs in each location is closely aligned.

  • Lodging and Transportation to the US facility - Cost for airfare, lodging, and transportation to/from the US facility is the responsibility of the family. Our corporate office in NJ can assist in facilitating booking reservations.

  • How young can my child be to take advantage of the program? - The program is available to all our age group levels, including the toddlers. Though it will still be a good experience for ages 18-35 months, we recommend the program for age 3 years and above.
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